Innomacs Creation Ltd.
Innomacs Creation Ltd. is an advertising and licensing agency specializing in the creation of unique literary art and punchy ad slogans. We license our intellectual property, provide design concepts as well as an online advertising platform

About our intellectual Properties (IP)
Our IP feature idioms, proverbs and verses that are distinguishable, inspirational and emotive. Innomacs quotes, with an icon symbolizing peace and harmony; whilst IC ad slogans, with an icon symbolizing vision and action. Please click icons to learn more.

Innomacs Quotes

below slide showcases the "happy" theme of Innomacs Quotes, please click to view full range.

IC Ad Slogans

below showcase IC Ad Slogans for airline, sports, environment and luggage related industries, click image to view bigger version.

licensing projects
We are keen to collaborate with brand owners, corporations, vendors and designers to transform our licensing visions into their tangible products and services to inspire, to rebuild nature, human relationship, love and care for all lives around us through projects below :

Our Mission

Innomacs’ underlying mission is to collaborate and grow community spirit. We are extremely passionate about building on literature and cultural values to encourage empathy and compassion across the globe, nurture the appreciation of heritage, bridge gaps, develop a creative economy to empower individuals and corporations. By licensing our properties, we aim to encourage positive participation in both environmental and social well-beings.


Our Nominations & Listings
Innomacs was honored to receive two nominations in TDC’s Annual Licensing Awards 2009 for "Best Asian Property “and "Best Licensing Campaign" in Hong Kong. Furthermore, Innomacs designs was nominated for "Best Asian Property" in the 2019 Premier Asian Licensing Awards. Please click links below to learn more about us.


Our Customers
Our customers have included gift shops in St. John’s Cathedral, Design Gallery, MTR, Museum of Art, Central Library, Newsweek, Pen and Paper, etc. Innomacs have also provided personalized gifts incorporating our designs to numerous fundraising events organized by schools, youth groups, and both local and overseas organizations, including BGCA, Refugees International Japan, The Intellectually Disabled Education and Advocacy League, WGAHK and HK 200.