Who We Are / What We Do
Innomacs Creation Ltd. is an advertising, design and licensing agency specializing in the creation of unique literary art and punchy ad slogans. We provide branding solutions, intellectual property for licensing, online advertising, concept development and design services.

Our Intellectual Property (IP)
Innomacs and IC are the twin cultural trademarks of our intellectual property. One cares for daily life and other cares for brand development. They both aim to build a better world. To view their catalogues, please click on respective icon below or on any header:

literary quoteInnomacs Life Quotes
Innomacs is a symbol of peace and harmony. It represents bilingual, emotive, compassionate and inspirational quotes that can augment with images or stand alone to significantly add value as well as a special, personalized touch to everyday life. Our work aims to visualize classical Chinese poetry and thereby enhance the appreciation of Chinese culture across the globe. Our sentiment has its own national elements but the presentation and well wishes are universal. Feel free to send your booking enquiry.

communication designIC Ad Slogans
IC is our concept of marketing. Ad slogans are tailored specifically and strategically to brands in order to bring out and emphasize their mission and spirit, and in doing so, help them to become truly identifiable in the marketplace and stand out from the crowd. Linked to this is our online platform www.corporatemotto.com, which both highlights corporate motto and celebrates companies which fulfill CSR and influence society in a positive manner. A consistent slogan help enhance the brand identity.

Application of our Intellectual Property (IP)
Both Innomacs life quotes and IC ad slogans are applicable for cultural merchandize, consumer products, branding collaterals, city projects, anything and everything to share compassion and provide daily inspiration including but not limited to brand marketing | gift and products | corporate social innovation.

Our passion and Mission
Innomacs’ underlying mission is to collaborate with others to grow community spirit. We are extremely passionate about building on classical literature to encourage compassion and empathy, empower both corporations and individuals, and help maintain a sustainable, positive society. By licensing its IP, Innomacs aims to make a difference.

innomacs creationinnomacsinnomacsIC ad slogansinnomacinnomacs creations

Our Nominations and Listings

Innomacs’ IP has received Best Asian Property nomination in 2019 among other top brands in TDC Premier Asian Licensing Awards & Best Licensing Campaign in Hong Kong’ in the past.  Innomacs maintains a presence on:

  • The Hong Kong Design Directory
  • HKTDC Directory
  • Alibaba
  • Behance

    Our Customers

    Our customers have included gift shops in St. John’s Cathedral, Design Gallery, MTR, Museum of Art, Central Library, Newsweek, Pen and Paper, etc. We have sponsored and actively participated in charity events and functions of community, student & youth groups, namely : BGCA , The Intellectually Disabled Education and Advocacy League ,WGAHK and HK 200.