Who We Are / What We Do
Innomacs Creation Ltd. is an advertising and licensing agency specializing in the creation of unique literary art and punchy ad slogans. We provide branding solutions, intellectual properties, online advertising platform www.corporatemotto.com , copywriting and design services.

Our Intellectual Property (IP)
Innomacs and IC are the trademarks of our intellectual property. They feature idioms, proverbs and poetic verses that are distinguishable, powerful, inspirational and emotive. Innomacs symbolizes peace and balance , Innomacs quotes are for everyday life ; IC symbolizes vision and action, IC ad slogans are for brand marketing, reputation, champaign and visual identification. To view more about them and their catalogues, please click on individual icons on tool bar.

Interpret Our Licensing Vision Into Deliverable Products And Projects

Both Innomacs quotes and IC ad slogans are applicable for brand marketing | gift and products | corporate social innovation, anything and everything to provide daily inspiration and improve quality of life. They are available in English and Chinese.

Our Passion And Mission

Innomacs’ underlying mission is to collaborate with others to grow community spirit. We are extremely passionate about building on classical literature to encourage compassion and empathy, empower both corporations and individuals, and help maintain a sustainable, positive society. By licensing our IP, Innomacs aims to make a difference.

Our Nominations And Listings

Recognized for our efforts, Innomacs was honoured to receive two nominations in the TDC’s Annual Licensing Awards 2009 for Best Asian Property & Best Licensing Campaign in Hong Kong. Our founder has also been awarded with numerous accolades from various Chinese cultural organizations in Beijing. Once again Innomacs design is nominated "Best Asian Property" in the 2019 Premier Asian Licensing Awards category.
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  • Our Customers

    Our customers have included gift shops in St. John’s Cathedral, Design Gallery, MTR, Museum of Art, Central Library, Newsweek, Pen and Paper, etc. We have sponsored and actively participated in charity events and functions of community, student & youth groups, namely : BGCA , Refugees International Japan, The Intellectually Disabled Education and Advocacy League ,WGAHK and HK 200.