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Idioms, poems, phrases and proverbs contain deep underlying metaphors which can remind us of our cultural heritage as well as evoke intense feelings and provide great sources of inspiration. Innomacs transforms these into bilingual quotes which can significantly contribute food for thought to share empathy, spread compassion and add a special touch to everyday life, both at personal and corporate level.We welcome you to license our quotes to drive engagement.

Innomacs quotes are classified into 8 themes. Each style below represents the imaged version of each theme. Click buttons below to and purchase quotes of gratitude, greetings, joy, Inspiration, love, poetry, classical Poetry and regret.

Innomacs Quote of gratitude
Innomacs Quote of greeting
Innomacs Quote of happiness
Innomacs Quote of inspiration
Innomacs Quote of love
Innomacs Quote of Chinese dynasty poem
Innomacs Quote of English poetry
Innomacs Quote of regret
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other people's words


Steven Yeo

"I really want to thank you for your very unique and valuable cards concerning life and the environment we live in. You and your property are really very iconic at the licensing show because nobody has ever done it the way you have. You possess very high quality in culture and to me is a valuable property that people must immerse themselves often to achieve a better life style and to live HARMONIOUSLY


Jane Best

“The cards are produced by Innomacs Creation based in Hong Kong and founder Ruby Yeung, well known for her passion to fuse powerful and inspiring words with arresting images through Chinese poetry and literature scenes.
The forms of language may be different around the world but they express the same universal sentiments in which the world should not be limited by borders.
Share messages of hope and inspiration with loved ones.”

Hong Kong

Florence Hui

“Ruby, Very pleased to learn your venture has continued to prosper to promote Chinese culture in a modern way.  I am sure it has inspired a large audience.
Every best wishes for another fruitful year filled with much peace and joy.”