IP for Sculpture in public

We are eager to combine our creative concepts & skills with architectural talents & corporations to create this sculpture fused with inspirational bilingual messages. We hope that by erecting this in a public space, this will provide some restful & stimulating moments for the mind, for people from all walks of life, both locals & visitors. We want the bright spirit of our beloved Hong Kong to shine through. The columns’ material will be white & beige marble or stone. The animal sculptures will be in bronze, & the light will consist of a LED display. Additionally, the columns will have on them framed copper plates depicting bilingual messages. These will contain poetry, proverbs & philosophy, further enhancing the cultural aspect of our vision, & inspiring site visitors with Chinese beliefs, sentiments, values & ancient wisdom. We can provide 48 inscriptions encompassing Innomacs Quotes with universal values for each of the 4 sides of the 12 animal pillars..

Please join to make a difference. We are excited to exchange ideas.

original artwork by Manfred Macek:

IP for Art in public

Innomacs is eager to join hands with local talents & corporations to collectively produce creations which showcase brand identity, Chinese virtues or collective memories to the public & inspire both HK residents & overseas visitors. Please complete this form for more details on our projects. We are excited to exchange ideas.