Our Comprehensive Services In Branding, Advertising, Design and Copy writing
Innomacs design and IC slogans are applicable for cultural merchandize, consumer products, branding collaterals, city projects, anything and everything to share compassion and provide daily inspiration. Feel free to contact us for price quotation.

Provide IC Slogans to enhance brand identity

Pick the one that echoes your corporate idea from our IC ad slogan catalogue and book.
Acknowledgement of licensee's name permanently

Once the IC Ad quote is purchased, licensee's name will be acknowledged on top of the selected slogan label (in place of IC#) on this unique website.
Online platform to retain your consistent corporate image

Our site www.corporatemotto.com further highlights your consistent motto and company logo through your ad label. The ad label with built in link
to the url of your CSR and product/service pages could be shared across devices and media conveniently.
Layout and graphic design support

We provide service to incorporate your corporate graphic and message on your promotional collaterials and products such as note pads, t- shirts, calendars, mugs, bags, hats and ad posters indoor and outdoor.
Marketing campaign and copywriting services

After landing a slogan, we could develop an initial marketing campaign and provide copywriting service based on your corporate culture such like this
example originated from a basic slogan.
Provide Innomacs IP for licensing

Different themes of Innomacs literary art could be incorporated with a multitude of consumer products or echo to your business promotional theme. Browse Innomacs literary art catalogue and book here.

We could also refer you to suppliers and professionals well experienced in design, printing, manufacturing, product sourcing, trademark registration, licensing and function organizing if required.