Born For A ReasonWe hope this universal art form will be erected in a public space to provide some restful & stimulating moments for the mind, for people from all walks of life, both locals & visitors. We want the bright spirit of your beloved country to shine through.
art sculpture_Born for a reason
Born for a reason

Construction idea:
Inspiration comes from the magnificent historical buildings.
The columns’ material will be white & beige marble or stone. The animal sculptures will be in bronze, and the light will consist of a LED display. Additionally, the columns will have on them framed copper plates inlaid with quotes from poetry, proverbs & philosophy, allowing visitors to appreciate local culture & ancient wisdom. We can provide 48 inscriptions encompassing Innomacs' various themes of bilingual Quotes for each side of the pillars, We want to partner with influencers in the city or any part of the world to make a difference. Feel free to send project enquiry. We are excited to exchange ideas.

Alternative ideas
This can be constructed in an open park with local national heroes' quote and their name plates, statues.