We leverage the powerful philosophy and ancient wisdom of Chinese proverb, poetry, traditional phrases and use them to interact in everyday life.

Our concept is similar to the Fortune Cookie; in a function, personal or corporate party, guest brings home with a gift which gives momentary reflection of life, alongside with beautiful artwork and bilingual messages.
As we are constantly bombarded with various media every day, we want to create a souvenir with simple message that has a keepsake value, be reminded of the sender, the event or good time together. Each card has a unique art no.for licensing. The mini cards can be marketed alone or packaged with accessories to make a photo frame or paperweight.
Each message is inspired by the Chinese wisdom. You have a vast choice from love, friendship, greetings, appreciation, encouragement for colleagues, teachers, students, children, parents, mentors, subordinate, friend, loved ones; for business, school graduation or personal occasions. Companies can personalize their gift item with their logo on them.

Designed For Multi-Purposes "Best Asian Property" nomination by HKTDC


We envisage them in - e-greeting card online platform - gift cards - daily mottos or affirmations - paperweights with accessories - lucky draw cards at grand balls - souvenirs for parties ( with acrylic frame) - collectibles and memorabilia.

Double-Sided Laminated Mini Card Design "Best Asian Property" nomination by HKTDC