IP for publications

Innomacs is keen to collaborate with publishers and acquire corporate sponsorships to publish e-books and prints which nurture the appreciation of classical literature and traditional values, develop a creative economy and inspire future generations. We have produced several titles as shown below. Please click here to view larger images and feel free to contact us for more details.

Innomacs Mini Cards
This product stems from our passion of Chinese poetry. A simple poem or phrase can contain deep underlying metaphors and stir intense feelings. Reading one is an excellent form of enjoyment, and one can sing to the harmonious tones and rhymes, empathize with the heartfelt emotions, be inspired by the powerful philosophy and grasp the ancient wisdom. The aim of this unique product is to integrate classical poetry and Chinese philosophy into daily life in an innovative way. We want our cards to be collectible, durable and practical to carry around, whilst effectively delivering the sender’s message with poetic sentiment set against contemporary art.

Our mini cards can be used as:
- bookmarks
- gift cards
- daily mottos or affirmations
- paperweight
- lucky draw cards at grand balls
- souvenirs for parties ( with acrylic frame)
Please see below sample of a double-sided laminated card. The designs were nominated for "Best Asian Property" in the past and this year by HKTDC. Feel free to contact us for more details.