IC ad slogan catalogue

IC Ad Slogans are classified by industry for easy reference. You may choose any one that echoes your corporate culture, licensee could be in the name of a company or an individual.
About IC Ad Slogans
for strategic brand enhancement

By fusing together traditional Chinese cultural values with modern society’s attitudes and ideals, Innomacs creates unique bilingual, emotive, intellectually stimulating and punchy ad slogans. These are tailored specifically and strategically to your brand in order to bring out and emphasize its mission and spirit, and in doing so, help it to become truly identifiable in the marketplace and stand out from the crowd.

Application IC Ad Slogans
demo of brand promotional concept

A consistent slogan on projects and social media will enhance your brand's visual identity; and on meaningful and functional promotional gifts will be treasured and used often, again promoting awareness of your company. Below is our ad slogan created for a luggage brand, it goes miles to shoulder the weight which is the core value we highlight. Feel free to use our licensing service.