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Innomacs Quotes are created to share emotion for everyday life

Idioms, poems, phrases and proverbs contain deep underlying metaphors which can remind us of our cultural heritage as well as evoke intense feelings and provide great sources of inspiration. Innomacs transforms these into bilingual quotes which can significantly convey spiritual energy, affection, love & encouragement to share empathy, spread compassion and add a special, personalized touch to everyday life, both at a personal and corporate level.

These quotes can be customized on request, licensed individually or combined with our image echoing their sentiments. .

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Innomacs quotes are classified into nine themes. Please click individual button to view detail.

  • gratitude
  • greeting
  • happiness
  • inspiration
  • love-friendship
  • classical-poems
  • poetry
  • regret
  • sport

Product inspiration

Our properties can add value to a multitude of gifts and products such as stationeries, T-shirts, cushion covers, bags, puzzles, floor mats, paper fans, magnets, bookmarks, company postcards, smart cards and USB sticks etc. Below are our mock samples to present conceptual ideas. We welcome any collaboration proposal, feel free to contact us.


Bottle packaging & design




Mobile phone cover


Textile products


T- shirts


brand promotion


Multi purposed cards






inspirational mugs


Company greeting postcard

Words from other people


Steven Yeo

"I really want to thank you for your very unique and valuable cards concerning life and the environment we live in. You and your property are really very iconic at the licensing show because nobody has ever done it the way you have. You possess very high quality in culture and to me is a valuable property that people must immerse themselves often to achieve a better live style and to live HARMONIOUSLY which I suggest that harmony should be a great theme to market.
Reading every card you have sampled me make every minute and second a great moment and day for me. Because each is so meaningful and helps me to get on track with nature and people graciously”.


Jane Best

“The cards are produced by Innomacs Creation based in Hong Kong and founder Ruby Yeung, well known for her passion to fuse powerful and inspiring words with arresting images through Chinese poetry and literature scenes.
The forms of language may be different around the world but they express the same universal sentiments in which the world should not be limited by borders.
Share messages of hope and inspiration with loved ones.”

hong kong

Florence Hui

“Ruby, Very pleased to learn your venture has continued to prosper to promote Chinese culture in a modern way.  I am sure it has inspired a large audience.
Every best wishes for another fruitful year filled with much peace and joy.”