About Innomacs Creation Ltd.墨粹無限創意有限公司

Our properties can add value to a multitude of gifts and products such as stationeries, T-shirts, cushion covers, bags, puzzles, floor mats, paper fans, magnets, bookmarks, company postcards, smart cards and USB sticks etc. Below are our mock samples to present conceptual ideas. We welcome any collaboration proposal, feel free to contact us.

Art decor seriesphoto_frame
Table napkins napkins
Table matstablemat
promotional productsfan_p
bottle packaging 2bottles
framed card seriesframe_with_card_p
T shirt series t-shirt_e
T shirt seriest-shirt_ccc
T shirt seriest-shirt_back
sport shirt seriesjersey
Mask seriesmask_silen_p
sport hat & lamp shade serieshat_mind_power_p
plate seriesplate-trade_p
Cushion seriescushion_earth_p
mug seriesmug_Hn_love_s-cup
Mug seriesmug_wingMing_st
Luggage accessories luggage_belt
mobile cover series2phones
Promotional goodsapron_dimsum_p
wrapping paperpaper_wrapping
can packagingcan_myCup
coaster seriescoaster_set_p
cosmetic bag series bag-blue
paper weight seriespaperweight