Architectural Sculpture - Born For A Reason

We are eager to share our creative concept and skills with architectural talent and corporation to jointly create this sculpture to be showcased in public. We aim to provide some restful moments for the mind, for people from all walks of life, locals and visitors. We want the sunny spirit of our beloved Hong Kong to shine through.

sculpture1) Pillars on Earth
Each of us as individuals is a column on this earth, a pillar of support that symbolizes strength and stability. With our unique abilities and acquired experiences and knowledge, together we can provide a solid and unyielding foundation that can lead and inspire future generations to succeed.

2) Mankind
12 different animal statues originating from the Chinese Zodiac will be placed on top of the columns, incorporating traditional Chinese culture whilst simultaneously representing the diversity of mankind. Each constitutes an integral part of a united group that cannot exist and prosper without every single participant’s interaction, collaboration, understanding and commitment. Together they stand high and proud, reach to the sky, and surpass their biggest dreams and limits.

3) Sun
The orange sun at the center symbolizes heaven, as well as the positive and abundant energy culminating from our combined efforts. We all possess a distinct role in making this world a better place to live in, and ultimately, in creating a heaven on earth.

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