Our concept in brand development
Ad power is strong, we create words for thought strategically not only enhance your brand but also leave a lasting memory in consumer‘s head or heart. We design and conceptualise for both cultural and commercial fields.

Visual identification - The Name and Logo would be the most endurable feature to build upon.

Corporate tagline - This is another consistent feature to build on. A tagline showing the corporate motto, expertise, philosophy, belief, principal or creative idea would help shape a company's direction to serve the society and build the brand. Our IC slogans, strategical created for different businesses are for ready adoption and customizing, they mostly are transformed from familiar proverbs, poetic phrases, idioms or slangs of our own culture whether it 's classical, playful , sentimental or inspirational. This would enhance the memory of the brand easily. Once the line is selected, its important to be the pioneer to establish it, develop it and promote it. We would immediately acknowledge the name of the licensee on top of the booked IC slogan.

www.corporateMotto.com - We encourage social innovation, if you would like to build your brand identity with social value, we invite you to associate your brand with our online premium platform to contribute positive influence to society, to inspire and make a difference to sustain your business. We provide classification in this directory to systematically show the business nature of the brand.

Commercial ads come and go according to seasons, make this your permanent online stand to share your good deeds and inspire others. Our ad label is made to conveniently share across devices with company logo, tagline and URL link all incorporated. Complimentary offer is available now.

Reach your customer wherever possible - In today's world, it is becoming more and more difficult to reach customers through the vast amount of promotional materials. Our licensed property can be used for many social innovative projects and incorporated with products that are practical, cost effective and environmentally friendly. We intend them to be personalized keepsakes. Brand marketing is about exposure repeatedly, strategically, consistently and meaningfully.

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