Innomacs Creation Ltd. is an advertising and IP trading agency specialized in concept design and design thinking. We provide cross-cultural slogans for brand marketing and promote brand identities and missions through our online business platform, We are the IP owner of Innomacs quotes, literary art which stimulates the mind and communicates with the heart.

The trademarks below represent Innomacs Quotes and IC Slogans. "Innomacs" symbolizes peace and harmony whilst "IC" symbolizes vision and action.

innomacs trademarks

Innomacs Quotes

These are bilingual quotes designed to show gratitude, affection, love and empower daily thoughts.

These are created to add value to consumer goods, gifts, city sculpture projects & corporate social initiatives. They are classified into 8 themes and can be licensed with text only or illustrated with image to echo the sentiment.

The example below demonstrates one quote one theme to show gratitude through various products.


These quotes can be licensed individually of combined with carefully selected images. Please see demo below and view full catalogue.

IC Slogans

To bring out the brand's mission for the greater good

These are words and phrases in both Chinese and English specifically tailored to bring out the brand's mission with specific brand strategies in mind to enhance the brand identity, develop marketing campaign and brand culture. They are for ready adoption and promotion on our online business directory

Examples of slogans below showcase our market the sustance of a brand. Feel free to contact us if you want to let your positive corporate spirit reach out for the greater good.